Why is it that Daedalus, Brothers Islands & Fury Shoal Diving trip is our most favorite trip?

Daedalus, Brothers Islands & Fury Shoal diving trip is the Navig8 Club yearly trip. We also organize a couple trips out there at different times ,but in July ( high season) is our most favorite! Do you know why? Before we tell you the details on our trips we want to describe these 3 locations first.

Daedalus Reef is a 400-meter-long and 100-meter-wide (1,310–330 ft) standalone reef in the Egyptian Red Sea situated about 90 kilometers from Marsa Alam or 180 km south of Brother Islands. There is a small artificial island in the center of the reef, which hosts a lighthouse constructed in 1863 and rebuilt in 1931. 

Daedalus reef is a well-known place for diving. The reef is surrounded by a shear wall all around, featuring a plateau on its southern side that goes from 28 m beside the reef to 40m on the edge of the drop off. 

Deadalus Reef Lighthouse

Brothers Islands are two small Red Sea islands in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt , also known as El Akhawein Islands. These two small islands are known as Big Brother and Small Brother because of the size of the islands, situated 67 kilometres (42 mi) from El Qoseir on the mainland. 

The most prominent feature of the islands is the Brothers Islands Lighthouse built by the British in 1883. Small Brother is one kilometre (0.6 miles) south from the Big Brother. Only suitable for very experienced divers due to the islands’ isolated position, the challenging dive conditions, and very strong currents.

Big Brother Island

Fury Shoal is made up from several reefs, it is a chain of 20 or more reefs around 30km long along the Southwest Red Sea coast Egypt. Offering amazing scuba diving opportunities with some of the most pristine reefs. The Fury Shoals offer something for all levels of divers. Not only that, but visitors can enjoy  many more activities that can be done on the Lagoons there.

Let’s start: Why is it the most favorite trip?

1. The Destination itself

Daedalus reef & Brother Island are a top destination

If you dream about diving with sharks, The Red Sea has many different species of shark including Hammerheads, Threshers, Oceanic Whitetips and Silky as well as Reef sharks, Whale sharks and Tiger sharks beside an abundance of corals as well.

A national park area that is located far offshore, liveaboards are a convenient and exclusive way to visit these islands. With flourishing corals, deep waters, and no daily boats insight, this is home for the rarer species of the Red Sea.

Things we may see, encounter & experience:

  • Scalloped Hammerhead sharks.
  • Offshore reef.
  • Coral walls.
  • Oceanic whitetips.
  • Rare Thresher sharks.
  • Mantas.
  • Reef sharks.
  • Soft corals.
  • Forests of gorgonians.
  • Large Tuna.
  • Jackfish.
  • Snappers.
  • Silky sharks.
  • Aida wreck (An Egyptian supply vessel) and The Numidia wreck (A cargo ship that lies against the wall of the Big Brother). Both wrecks are covered in soft & hard corals.

Because a fun trip is not just a diving trip that is why Fury Shoals is on our destination list on this trip to relax and enjoy the beach after diving. 

2. The activities 

What activities to expect on this trip? Of course diving is the answer, but wait! We can have other kinds of fun like kite surfing, wake boarding and snorkeling too

Go on a trip and spend days on the boat? Yes, why not, It is a lot of fun! There are many other fun activities we can enjoy, such as meditation , yoga, playing cards, reading your favorite book on the hammock, chit chat and playing live music and we even can have a fun party on the boat. 

Check out this link (IG link of party on the boat)

Daedalus and Brothers Islands are the diving paradise as  there are no ocean activities other than diving with the sharks. But on this trip we will also go to Fury shoal so we can do many more activities on the beach and sea like snorkel, wakeboard and ski too.

3. The weather

July is a summer time and who doesn’t love the smell of summer. Summer and the sea are the best match and we all love it.

Do you know what is the best of summer time on the Red Sea? And what’s the weather like in Red Sea in July?

The Red Sea weather in July is the hottest all year around popular. The temperature’s usually over 30°C and you’ll have no rain and bags of glorious sunshine. The Red Sea bathed in sunshine for an average of 13 hours each day. The sun usually rises just before 5am and finally sets at around 7pm for most of the region. The average daytime high temperatures over 35°C and this only drops to an average low of 28°C on rare cooler days. Rainfall is extremely rare in July, with just 1 mm hitting the ground on average. The wind speeds around 11mph and the humidity is 47%. The most popular month in Egypt for people wanting to relax, swim in the sea, sunbathe and of course dive.

4. The people

We are mostly professional divers and kite surfers, so we put the safety and professionalism of our activities first, even though party and fun are always on our bucket list. Beside that, as we explain on our previous blog on ”Be An Eco Traveller with Navig8 Club” we always be conscious on our trip and apply this eco traveller attitude.

On the trip we also have many people from different areas where sometimes we have people from other countries, so it will always be a good time to meet with new people, especially new people that have the same hobbies like us. So we then have a lot to share and enjoy.

So join us this July!

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