Sailing Into The New Year

Sailing into the Red Sea is known as one of the most magical trips in Egypt, but Sailing Into 2021 to Northern Red Sea is even better.
Experience something different, exciting, and celebrate new year on a flotilla of sailing boats cruising the beautiful islands of the red sea. It’s like a calling from the deep blue sea to all adventure lovers.

Why you should join us on this sailing trip…

  1. The sailing !!!
    Spend time sailing on one of our luxurious boats and enjoying the unforgettable Red Sea sunsets will be the best experience you can have. Imagine the open sea in front of you, clear salty water that you can jump in. A beautiful blue sky in the afternoon and a night full of stars, and of course lots of fun times, good jokes and music with fantastic company. What better way to start a New Year! Escape your busy city life, and enjoy a few days of ultimate serenity.
Enjoy the wide blue ocean view
Cruising the ocean for a magical sunset
  1. Visit the Islands of the Northern Red Sea.
    Enjoy the clean white sandy beaches, sink your body in the shallow and crystal blue water, do some beach activities like paddling, chatting, or just walking barefoot to enjoy the moment and the best view that nature has to offer. Not to mention capturing these scenic images with your phone or camera.
Enjoy the shallow and crystal blue water with your dog.
Enjoy the kite surfing view together
  1. Kite surf in the best kite location in Egypt.
    El Gouna will always indulge you with Incredible world-class conditions, great wind almost everyday from beginner to advanced, shallow, clean, warm water, and exotic islands to explore. These locations are not just for advanced kitesurfers, you can always take part and start your beginner lesson on the trip. We have a professional guide to teach you and mentor you on your kitesurfing journey. Other than that, you can watch the professionals demonstrate their tricks and grabs while you are on sail cruise. The show is in front of you. You will get the bug and will want to come back and learn more. On the next trip, you will surprisingly bring your own gear and jump with your kite.
Party on the wind
Jump and show your skill
  1. The other activities.
    There are many other activities besides sailing and kitesurfing.
    Snorkeling to see the underwater aquatic life or just jump and swim in the blue sea and relax your body. Fishing and grilling your catch can be an option as well. Partying will always be included in our trip to celebrate the New Year. Chilling and enjoying the beauty of the red sea is on our daily list.
Snorkeling on the clear blue ocean
Chilling with your friends
  1. The great sailing boat set up
    Our travel style is normally with 3 luxurious (12 meter – 40 Ft) sailing boats. we can add more boats upon request. Boat Party is the best gift you can offer yourself to Celebrate New Year.
    Boat life is waiting for you!
luxury sailing boat
El Gouna, Red Sea

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