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Some of our Adventure trips at Navig8club include some Epic Rock Climbing activities specialized for climbers from all over the world, bouldering as well as top rope, lead climbing, trad climbing, and other climbing styles. 
Never Rock Climbed before? why don’t you start now! 

Did you know that Rock Climbing can fight depression, increase motivation, and help deal with problems and challenges in life. 
Below are some Rock Climbing destinations on our trip list, Let’s go !!


1. Egypt

First rock climbing destinations of course we are going to start by introducing our favorite areas in Egypt. Egypt offers 2 main destinations for rock climbing, below are rock climbing areas you should visit:

  • South Sinai, St. Catherine
    One of the main climbing areas in Egypt is around St Catherine at Mount Sinai on the Sinai Peninsula, near Sharm el Sheikh & Dahab. 
    St. Catherine is a desert mountain area, where the climbing routes face all directions. The climbing is on red granite rock and the routes vary from single to multi-pitch routes up to 700m long. The style and ethics are purely traditional, requiring the placing of cams and nuts for protection, with many crack and slab climbs. St Catherine is at an altitude of 1500m and therefore the temperature varies considerably during the day and night. The best time to climb is from October to April.
  • Dahab
    Rock climbing season in Dahab is also from October to April.  There are a number of sport routes, but the interest is also for bouldering on excellent granite rock. Vast amounts of perfect bouldering on granite boulders in shaded, sand-floored valleys.
    Single and multi-pitch equipped sport routes for all levels in Waterfalls, Camel Canyon, Qnai Atshan and Bedouin Garden (approx 40 routes up to french 7b).Top roping area especially for beginners and children in Middle Qnai. Plus new routing possibilities for sport climbs in easily accessible areas.
Dahab Rock Climbing site
Navig8 Club Rock Climbing in Dahab

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1. South Africa

The best sport rock climbing destinations in South Africa are at Waterval Boven and Montagu, and the best bouldering in South Africa is at Rocklands. 

  • Waterval Boven
    It is just a few hours’ drive from Johannesburg with the climbing on bullet hard quartzitic sandstone rock. These orange walls provide routes with crimpy edges and positive side pulls. In total there are over 900 single pitch routes across a wide range of grades.
Rock Climbing at Waterval Boven
  • Montagu
    It is around a 2 hour drive from Cape Town, and there are many crags that offer a lot of varied sport climbing on sandstone rock. There are around 400 routes here from slabs to vertical walls and steep overhangs across a wide range of grades. The sport climbing at Montagu is covered in the Western Cape Rock.
Sport Climbing at Montagu
  • Rocklands
    The Bouldering is 250km north of Cape Town in the Cederberg Mountains is the world famous bouldering area of Rocklands. Located around the Pakhuis Pass, close to the town of Clanwilliam, this isolated and pristine bouldering area is attracting climbers from all over the world. This is due to the large number of bouldering areas, its diverse range of sandstone and interesting shapes that offer varied bouldering styles at every grade. 
    The bouldering is located in the beautiful Cederberg Wilderness area (a National Park) providing striking red, grey and black sandstone boulders set against a blue sky and surrounded by wild flowers – a truly magical place to climb. The bouldering is concentrated in three main areas: Pakhuis incorporates all of the areas on the Clanwilliam side of the Pakhuis Pass. Agterpakhuis (beyond Pakhuis) features all of the areas beyond the pass. Wupperthal Commanage all the land owned by the church of Wuperthal, including the Biedouw Youth Camp.
Bouldering at Rockland

Best time to go. The best time to go bouldering at Rocklands is in the African spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May). The winter can also be good (May to September) though it will be quite cold and sometimes wet. The African summer is just too hot. 

Other climbing areas include places such as Mount Everest and Swinburne, as well as remote mountaineering in the Drakensberg Mountains. There is even some sea cliff climbing at Morgan Bay.


1. Indonesia

Indonesia has 7 regions with 34 provinces. A big potential for new areas that are ready to be developed for rock climbing destinations.
Ever been to Indonesia? Have you tried rock climbing there? 
Here are some of the best areas for climbing in the area. Most climbing takes place in  Sumatera, Java, Lasser Sunda Island, and Sulawesi. The Rock Climbing season here is almost all year round with different tracks.
Good news for those of you who love Bali, Bali’s got great rock climbing !! Located in the North of Bali at Kintamani area and South Bali at Uluwatu & Padang-padang area.

  • Songan Village, Kintamani Bali
    Songan Village is located just nearby the infamous Mt. Batur Volcano in North Bali. It’s about 2 hours drive/ride from Canggu. The crag has about 20 routes all up. Most of them are within the 6a-7a range. The wall is quite blocky, which means nice flat holds (crimps, edges, sidepulls) and obvious footholds. Most of the routes are basically straight up vertical, with a couple of steeper lines.
    To find the crag on Google Maps, click here. 
    A few things to note:The bolts on most routes are old and rusted, but climbers here change some of them already  — But still necessary to climb carefully because some of the routes are still dirty.
    The rock is fairly solid in most parts, but it is slippery, especially if it is dirty. Due to that fact, it is easy to pull off a large chunk of rock/dirt as you climb.
  • Padang-padang Beach
    The routes are mostly short but challenging, limestone wall with several vertical to overhanging routes. Rock can be wet and/or sandy, bolts are not top quality. Can also do some decent bouldering on this wall and some boulders in the area. Here is more detail about rock climbing at Padang-padang beach
  • Suluban Beach, Uluwatu
    Similar to Padang-padang beach the routes are mostly short but challenging, limestone walls with several vertical to overhanging routes. The most important thing is that you need to check the ocean tide level for safety reasons.
  • Additional on the list is Diamond Beach, Nusa penida
    Beside stunning white sand beaches you can find some climbing routes here. Most of the climbing routes on the beach in Bali are mostly short but challenging, so same as Padang-padang & Suluban Beach.

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2. Vietnam

The most well-known and ideal place for rock climbing destination is Ha Long Bay. The towering sea cliffs of Ha Long Bay are popular among adventurous climbers. Here, there is a paradise of adventure climbing which ranges from sport rock climbing to deep water soloing. There are about 1,600 limestone karst islands featured with steep walls emerging directly from the sea surface. However, there are other climbing areas in Vietnam, mainly around the city of Hanoi. Cat Ba Island, Yen Thinh, Ha Long Bay, Mai Chau, and Danang Marble Mountain are destinations for all climbers.  Find out more, and additional information for those of you who are looking to get your own gear here.

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