Kitesurfing in Egypt: Best Kite Spots

Are you a kite surfer? If so then this article is for you to know more about kitesurfing destinations in Egypt.

Among kitesurfers, Egypt is one of the most reputable destinations for beginners and advanced kiters, it is also known for steady wind throughout the whole year. Advanced Kiters can explore the perfect flat waters from the lagoon’s shallows in the red sea to the rolling waves in the north coast. Even though the wind is steady the whole year, the wind season for kitesurfing in Egypt is from April till November- as it gets a bit chilly in the winter-.

So, where are the best kitesurfing spots in Egypt? Let’s start with,

1. Hurghada

Hurghada is known as the kitesurfing center of Egypt, It is the starting point for popular kite boat safaris. You can travel from spot to spot on a big luxurious boat as your home to spend the week. You could kite from sunrise to sunset on the shallow and flat waters. These islands and remote locations are suitable for all kitesurfing levels. The average wind speed is around 18 knots up to 25/30 knots in the afternoon, especially in September. But as mentioned before the wind and sun are all years round, in winter the wind speed is around 14 to 20 knots, which is suitable for bigger kites. This location is also the most popular for Europeans as it offers cheap package deals.

Kite boat safaris
Kitesurfing sunset

2. El Gouna

Located north of Hurghada, El Gouna is one of the most popular kite spots in the world. It is a perfect place for beginners with a consistent side-shore wind and calm waters. Advanced kiters can practice their freestyle riding there. Our yearly kitesurfing trip to El Gouna is on our sailing trip where we will stay on the boat and cruise to the lagoons of different Beaches.
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White sandy beach
Wind Season

3. Soma Bay & Safaga

Soma Bay is another famous location for kitesurfing in Egypt, located about 20 minutes from Hurghada International Airport. There You will find steady wind and beautiful beaches. Not only that, but you will also be spoiled by the desert mountain view while you are riding the wind. Safaga also offers you with shallow lagoon for beginners and strong winds for advanced

4. Ras Sudr

Ras Suds is a small town with shallow waters and great wind conditions where the kite spots are spared over 40 kilometers of coast. As a remote destination, this place is a great one to chill on your kitesurfing holiday. It is the place where the local experts go. The average wind speed is around 16  to 25 knots.

5. North Cost

Located only about 3 hours drive from Cairo in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the resident’s favorite because of the crystal blue water and pristine white sand. If you are looking for big waves you will want to try this area. 

6. Dahab & Abou Galloum 

Known as one of the best diving destinations in Egypt, Dahab is not only an underwater beauty but a great place for kitesurfing as well. You can enjoy riding in the crystal blue waters with a beautiful mountain backdrop. Located around an hour from Sharm airport, it is also suitable for all kitesurfing levels. There are both shallow water flat lagoons and deep water lagoons and if you travel a bit north you can also find Abou Galloum, a location that is only accessible by foot/boat or camel with one of the most beautiful beaches and lagoons in Egypt.

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