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Underwater lovers, Which area do you really want to go or dive? Below we will share some dive destinations that are worth checking out.


  1. Egypt
  • Dahab: 

A remote destination with no airport surrounded by mountains from all sides, Dahab is one of the gems of activities in Egypt !

It has a variety of superb dive sites some very well known as the blue hole & canyon, and some not as famous such as “island” and “the caves” and if you want to rent a boat and go to “gabr el bent “we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The diversity of topography of each dive site makes dahab a very interesting place to visit especially in the summertime, ( as it gets a bit windy and cold in winter -excellent for other activities there though (link to kite surfing or rock climbing ).

the canyon has a magnificent crack that starts at 18 meters depth all the way to + 30 m. and when you visit the site it feels like you are inside in an aquarium because of all of the bubbles coming out of the sand.

The infamous Blues? has a majestic wall that goes below 40 meters with crystal clear visibility and a good chance to see some pelagic in the blue .

The Caves has a sloping white sand bottom and is surrounded by 2 big caves that make you feel you are in a different planet ( dive only accessible in calm weather though ) 

  • The liveaboards :

liveaboards in egypt are considered to be of the best in the world in terms of value for money, diversity, temperature and clarity of water,we will only give a few highlights about the the top liveaboard and what’s special about each 

  • The Northern Route liveaboard : 

here the focus is mainly wrecks with historical background such as the thistlegorm ( world war 2 ) or the carnatic ( 1860 ) and plenty other wrecks -not less than 10 -most of them sank due to the long night (48 hour) the officer navigating the ships through suez canal and by the time they pass it they are too tired and without the proper navigation tools and technology , the human error leads to a disaster.

The northern liveaboards are not famous for pelagic encounters though.

  • The brothers /daedalus :

These two different liveaboard routes ( yet they can be combined ) are very famous for their strong currents, pelagic encounters and breathtaking coral life and colour.

Accessible only by safari boats as they are around 50 nautical mile away from the egyptian shore makes them less visited by the huge numbers of novice divers that visit egypt, that along with very strong currents makes the marine life here very rich.

  • The St.john reef system : 

This very special south liveaboard is famous by a mix of walls ( habili ali & jaffar ) sandy bottoms ( umm el aruk & abu galawa-sataya area- ) , caverns ( um khararim & claudio ) dolphin house and a few wrecks makes it one of the top rated liveaboard in egypt in the summer time you can dive with no wet suit as the normal water temperature is almost 31 degrees which usually give u a thermocline around 30 meters depth to refresh yourself on an early morning dive.

With such variety and competitive prices great conditions and amazing fauna we believe that egypt has one of the best diving spots in the world.

  1. Sudan: 

Sudan is overlooking the red sea and it’s like egypt 50 years ago, only accessible by liveaboard there are only 2 destinations in sudan for the time being ( north and south ) and both are simply stunning, however the conditions there are wilder than the egyptian red sea due to the width of the sea ( the southern you go the wider it gets ).

Here you get even a better consistent visibility, more pelagic encounters and some virgin -almost untouched -dive sites 

If you go to shoab rumi you can even check out the experiment habitat done by jacque cousteau(Precontinent 2) (https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/precontinent-ii ) where they  tried to live there for a week .

Only pleasant during a few months a year ( around easter ) as the rest of the year the temperature is too high usually Sudan is also considered a hidden gem for divers from all over the world.

  1. Mozambique:

Located in east africa and facing the madagascar channel, Mocambique is well known for manta rays and whale shark encounters , the currents there varies from very mild to very strong and same goes to visibility . which makes the diving conditions not for the very beginners .

The beaching and the launching of the boat requires pushing the zodiac in the water ( guest and staff do the pushing ) water till it is waist deep then jumping on board , everyone then hold to the ropes of the rib and the skippers has to find his way between the surf break ,the distance to dive sites varies from 7 minutes to 45 depending on where you want to go. These rough adventurous conditions makes the diving more rewarding and gives a sense of adventure that you don’t find anywhere else in the world. 

Mocambique is not only offering big fish encounters but a very wide range of macros.

Best time to visit is all year round , however from the summer there ( dec- feb) is considered very hot if you are not used to the african summer. 


  1. Indonesia

The southeast asian heaven with the most number of  islands has 3 -if not more- of the best spots to dive in the world.

  • Nusa penida :

That small island ( considered part of bali ) has 3 super interesting areas , manta point -which is located in the south and has a depth that starts from 7 to 30 meters – has a 90 % chance of spotting a few mantas, but if you are really lucky you can see them during mating season and that is something else !

Close to manta point there is dive site called crystal bay which has a strong current usually. 

But the dive site has a hidden cave -accessible by a channel – that is full of bats .

The bat cave is only accessible in certain current and tide conditions . but definitely worth a visit. The Crystal bay dive site has also a good chance to spot the famous rare mola mola in the right season ( june-october)

The northern part of Nusa penida has some nice sites with great coral reef formation similar to an extent to the red sea ( which is something you don’t find easily in this part of the world ).

 That part is also where you have the biggest chance of spotting the mola mola & occasional whale sharks – in the right season – .

  • Komodo : 

one of the most famous dive places and home to the only dragon known to human kind (check our blog on komodo

  • Raja ampat :

Or the four kings , is considered to be one of the best places to dive in the whole world, the Indonesian archipelago is located between the Indian and the pacific oceans. It contains more species of coral and fish than anywhere else on earth.The famous image of limestone islands covered with green and circled by pristine crystal clear water has taken the breath of humans all over the planet since the 15th century. The same topography created a very rich underwater world, with caves, swim throughs and canyons on most dive sites. You can get to see a huge amount of pelagic marine life and huge variety of corals, colours and big schools of things that you would consider rare in the rest of the world. It is really heaven on earth for divers.The name of the four kings corresponds to the four islands ( waigeo ,batanta misool & salawati ) which are surrounded by primitive fishing villages , huge and extravagant mangrove trees ,hence the amount of birds that inhabits these surroundings.Raja Ampat is with no doubt if not the best, one of the top destination that one should visit at least once in a lifetime. 

  1. Phillippines: 

Whether you like , wrecks, shoal of sardines macro, thresher sharks  or whale sharks the philippines has an island for each of those .

  • Cebu :

One of the famous spots in philippines , Cebu ‘s western coast offer a shore dive with sardine shoals in moalboal area, as soon as you jump in the water you will be surrounded by schools of these tiny fish and sometimes they will even cover the sun , it is so much fun to dive with these ones and sometimes watch the occasional pelagic fish hunting them .not far from the commercial whale shark “oslb” moal boal offers a great chance to encounter whale sharks in their free habitat.

  • Malapascua:

Located at the north part of cebu island , Malapascua is a tiny small island only accessible by a small ferry. The road from cebu city to the ferry is 115 km approx but due to the turns and speed limit it will take you almost 6-7 hours to get there .However , the island has few dive sites where it is almost guaranteed that you will see the famous and very shy thresher shark, that is why malapascua is considered  a very unique diving destination. And surprisingly the thresher sharks there are unusually big and not shy ,so photo lovers can take great shots.  

  • Bohol :

On the eastern side of Cebu , the small island of bohol offers some unique corals and fauna and beautiful colours , a big variety of sea snakes , turtles and huge nudibranchs are to be found in that area . 

  • Coron :

In the northern part of puetro francesa lies the small island of coron , not only is it famous for its magnificent beaches and hidden caves , coron offers world class diving specially if you are into historic wrecks ,the visibility is amazing and colour of the reef is so vivid that it makes you think you have travelled to a different country. 

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