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NAVIG8 offers you the unique opportunity to embark on real-life adventures through a variety of exciting outdoor activities in exotic locations, both inside and outside of Egypt. Explore the secrets of the ocean floor in one of our diving trips, let the waves unleash your adrenaline in a bout of kitesurfing, or discover the highs of rock-climbing as you challenge nature head-on. You will be accompanied by trained and certified professionals who will provide you with the guidance you need whether you’re a complete beginner or a veteran thrill-seeker.

NAVIG8 thrives to create activity trips for those who are interested in adrenaline and adventures.

NAVIG8 mission is to create a safe environment through dealing with high standards operators.

Our Pasionate Team


Rahim Hamada

PADI Diving instructor and VDWS kite surfing instructor
rahim became a diving instructor in 2003 and been working & teaching in the diving industry since then.
He took the kite surfing instructor course in 2009.
He started traveling in 2007 beginning with Africa then latin America , he then decide to explore Asia.
Rahim is one of the co-founders of NAVIG8 Club , he started it after traveling intensly ( mainly backpacking ) and he decided to create a company to take people off the beaten track in the most comfortable way to show a side of the world they would not see traveling through the common travel agency .


Aya Sedky

Aya became a PADI MSDT, certified since 2015.
Started as a client with Navig8 Club and then became a partner.
She realized that experiences mean more than anyhting else, traveling changed her perception of life and exposed her to a world that she learned to cherish and appreciate.
She have a passion for exploring new things and new people, and she realized a very different way of doing so.
She joined Navig8 to be able to allow to share her experience with people and to allow them the opporunity to be part of that.

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