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NAVIG8 offers you the unique opportunity to embark on real-life adventures through a variety of exciting outdoor activities in exotic locations, both inside and outside of Egypt.

Variety Adventure

Explore the secrets of the ocean floor in one of our diving trips, let the waves unleash your adrenaline in a bout of kitesurfing, or discover the highs of rock-climbing as you challenge nature head-on.

Professional Guide

You will be accompanied by trained and certified professionals who will provide you with the guidance you need whether you’re a complete beginner or a veteran thrill-seeker.

Safety & Security

Our professional and certified trainers equipped with a high standard safety and security for each activity and location that will always ensure you with safe and friendly environment.

Upcoming Trips

Upcoming Trip

Sail Away

3 September - 6 September
(4 days) | 16 spots left

Activities: Sailing, Kitesurfing, fishing, Snorkeling, Yoga, Meditation

Upcoming Trip

Sail Away

24 September - 27 September
(4 days) | 16 spots left

Activities: Sailing, Kitesurfing, fishing, Snorkeling, Yoga, Meditation


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Essential Tips You Should Know Before You Start Diving

Scuba diving is an underwater activity that involves using a self contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) to enable the diver to breathe. You need air and a complete scuba gear to help you breathe underwater. We have 6 tips for you to consider when you want to start diving:

Dive Destination You Should Visit With Us

Some of our Adventure trips at Navig8club include some Epic Rock Climbing activities specialized for climbers from all over the world, bouldering as well as top rope, lead climbing, trad climbing and other climbing styles.
Never Rock Climbed before? why don’t you start now!

Top Hikes In Egypt

Hiking has to be the most natural activity for the human body, for everyone does it, just in different degrees. And many would argue that humans have spent most of their lifetime hiking to gather food before we invented agriculture and the urban cities we live in now.

Had a great couple of days with the Navig8 team, they are welcoming, helpful and super fun ! It was a first and will definitely not be a last


Mohsen El Sayed

One of the best trips ever, so much fun and activities in 3 days with excellent preparation and planning. Loved the experience, would definitely join in more to come…way to go Navig8 


Amir Youssef

I had a blast discovering beautiful destinations in the western desert with Navig8. I had never gone camping, but their attention to details & comfort of us ( first time campers) sure did make the experience enjoyable. Would definitely join as many of their advertising tires as I can!


Elgamal Amira

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